Listen. Learn. Lead.

I, Emmanuel Caulk, will be blogging about our break-throughs in my entry plan and my experiences with our wonderful students.

The Caulk Board

When you talk, you are only repeating what you know; but when you listen, you learn something new.

Dalai Lama


Every leader needs a plan because without one we will fail. As the chosen Superintendent, I have brought with me a well vetted entry plan. Now, with your help, I have developed a blueprint for the years to come.

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Book Club

Welcome to my book club. I am very excited to share with you the books that I am going to read and discuss. Join me and the rest of the Fayette County District in delving deep and discussing what’s inside them.

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Blueprint Status Tracker

Come see our progress! I have laid out the plan and I want you to hold us accountable. Click on the link below to see what we’ve done and what we’re planning to do.

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