Black History Month: A Hero Comes Home

Fayette Count Public Schools celebrated Black History Month with a host of activities and events.  The culminating event was the return of Ms. Helen Caise-Wade, who in 1955 was the first African American student to attend Fayette County Public Schools.  Ms. Caise-Wade attended Lafayette High School and after 61 years she once again walked through the doors at LHS.

During this event, Ms. Caise-Wade took to the podium to share her story with over 100 students in the library.  Ms. Caise-Wade shared her childhood experiences, life at LHS, and values she has come to live by.  In closing, Ms. Caise-Wade, observing the diversity at LHS, urged students to get to know each other; to trust each other; and to respect each other.

Kudos to Principal Jacobs, teachers, and students for connecting our past with our present by inviting this hero, Ms. Caise-Wade, to come home!

Please find below pictures and articles about this event.

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