Congratulations FCPS Class of 2018!

Kudos to Daryn Morris and his team at Southside Technical Center for organizing the school’s first “signing day,” featuring students who are headed into the workforce, continuing career education or co-op positions. It was awesome to see students, families, and teachers joined by representatives from the Kentucky Department of Education and business and industry together to celebrate college and career readiness.  What a perfect example of what we seek to accomplish with our Portrait of a Graduate – the culmination of our efforts K-12 to get our students to the “finish line” of the high school diploma, is really just a starting gate for the next journey.

The exhilaration continued with our high school graduations as we conferred diplomas to 2,781 graduating seniors from our comprehensive high schools and special programs. That number is up 139 students from last year and represents a 45 percent increase from 10 years ago, when the class of 2008 had 1,924 graduates. This is reflective of both the enrollment increases in the district as well as our school efforts to serve all students at high levels.

This year was historic in many ways, marking the first time we held six separate graduation ceremonies. It was special to share in Lester and Marty’s first graduation ceremonies as executive principals, and awesome to graduate our first students from The Academies of Lexington. Each ceremony had its own special touches, with hall of fame inductees and the recognition of alums.

When the first 160 students graduated from the new Frederick Douglass High School, they became members of a legacy that has been on hold since students last graduated from Lexington’s original Douglass High School in 1964. Having those alums on stage to reconnect the history was truly moving.

As usual, the student speeches were fantastic, touching on everything from their past and what led to this day, to the future and the unknown ahead. They shared a desire to continue to be civically engaged and an understanding of the challenges they will face. I commend all of our school leaders for a culture where student voice continues to grow and bring about the positive change our society needs.

Below, please find pictures and a link to a new article about these events:

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Lafayette graduation, Thursday May 31, 2018  in Lexington, Ky. Photo by Mark Mahan

Lafayette graduation, Thursday May 31, 2018 in Lexington, Ky. Photo by Mark Mahan

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