Opening Day and A Great First Week in Fayette County Public Schools

Welcome back FCPS employees, students , and families!  Opening Day of school for many of our children started when they boarded the bus and were greeted by community volunteers who read to our  children as they rode to school.  I believe children’s first learning environments are our school buses.  That is why we have outfitted our buses with books, as part of Books on Board initiative, for our children to read and enjoy on their way to and from school.

Opening Day, I rode bus 320 and  read to our students as we traveled to Liberty Elementary School.  During the day, I had the pleasure of visiting 10 of our schools.  I enjoyed greeting our school leaders, teachers, and staff.  And as I visited our schools, I had one enduring question: are you up to the challenge?

I also had the pleasure of cheering on our student athletes during the double header football game on Friday evening (HCHS v. TCHS and LHS  v. BSHS).  Go FCPS Football!

Please find pictures from the first week below: