2019-20 BOB Breakfast Bunch Schedule


2019-20 Breakfast Bunch Schedule

**Please Note Due to availability issues at GSE Library and the Public Library, students may not have gotten a chance to read the particular book being discussed at that week’s meeting—and that’s OK! Students will still find the discussion valuable and we will also be reviewing other books read during our time together so, if a child has not read the book being discussed that week, we hope they still feel free to join us. There is plenty to be gained from any discussion and reviewing will help keep the details fresh until spring when the scrimmaging begins.

Meetings are non-mandatory and are held each FRIDAY from 7:15am to 7:45am in the GSE Library-Media Center

      • October 11– Discuss Kick-off informationquestions, etc.  —  snack by–Mrs. Snyder
      • October 18– Discuss MAC B KID SPY: KID UNDERCOVER —  snack by Will A.
      • October 25 – Discuss BOB —   snack by–Jamya. 
      • November 1  – Discuss OUT OF MY MIND–    snack by–Janella.
      • November 9– Discuss  SUPERSTAR–  snack by–Cara.
      • November 22 – Discuss  ROLLER GIRL–  snack by–Olivia P.
      • December 6 – Discuss ONE CRAZY SUMMER —  snack by–Jake.
      • December 13- JOSEPH BETH Book Fair-No Meeting!
      • December  20 – Discuss –Catch Up Week/Review Books Read–snack by–Ella W.
      • December 20, 27, January 3 – NO SCHOOL-HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
      • January  10 – Discuss PASS GO AND COLLECT $200  —snack by–Brady. 
      • January  17 – Discuss  LIONS AND LIARS–snack by–Still have a need.
      • January 24 – Discuss   snack by–Still have a need.  
      • January 31 – Discuss   THE MAD WOLF’S DAUGHTER–snack by–Still have a need.
      • February 7 – Discuss HOLES snack by–Still have a need.
      • February  14 – Discuss SAVING WINSLOW—snack by–Still have a need. 
      • February  21 – Discuss–Review (or makeup discussion for any Snow Days)-snack by Still have a need. 
      • February – 28 Discuss–– Review (or makeup discussion for any Snow Days)-snack by Still have a need.  
    • Exam TBA But will be After School (If students are in other clubs that afternoon, I will release them to their club as soon as they finish their exam)

    **March-April Scrimmage and Practice information for final 12 in-school scrimmage team members will be sent out after exam and District scrimmage dates are official.

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