Circulation Policy


  • Our library hours are 7:15am-3pm during the school week and Mondays 10am-12pm this summer.
  • Students are welcome to check out books throughout the school day with their teacher’s permission (and if the LMS is not busy teaching!) Coming in before school starts is a great way to take care of business before library classes begin at 7:50am.
  • Since Library is part of the special class rotation, each child will be spending at least 55 minutes each week enjoying the media center and its resources.

 Our standard CHECK OUT POLICY is as follows:
Students may check out the following items:  books, magazines and playaways.

K-1st grade students may check out one item each week.
2nd-3rd grade students may check out two items each week.
4th-5th grade students may check out three items each week.


A playaway is the audio recording of a book, contained on an MP3 player.  Older students, grades 3-5, may check out these materials but only with a signed parent permission slip on file, as they can cost from $25.00 – $69.00 to replace.  Due to their popularity, 3rd-5th grade students may only check out one playaway at a time.  Also, for health reasons, students will need to use their personal headphones.  If they do not own headphones, these can be purchased from the library for $1.00 or see Mrs. Runyon in the Family Resource Center.

Overdue books:

  • Library items are due one week from check out, which is usually on the child’s next specials library visit.
  • If a child is grade K-1 and has an overdue item they may not check out until it is returned.
  • If a child is grade 2-5 and able to check out multiple items, when all books are overdue the student may not check out until they return all overdue items.  If they have returned one item and another is only one week overdue, they may check out one item to replace the one returned.  If an item becomes two weeks overdue, the child may not check out any new items until the overdue item has been returned. (The reason for this is, if a child continues to bring in one item and continues to check out while the other remains overdue—over time the overdue item becomes a distant memory and remembering exactly where it is becomes harder and harder.  Each student is allowed one week to forget the second item, after the second week it’s best to start trying to track it down.)


Students may renew an item twice if they have not finished reading it.  They must bring the item with them to the library and we will check it out to them for another week.

Fines and Payments:

We do not fine our children for overdue books.  However, if a book has been lost or damaged, we do ask that the book be paid for before the student resumes checkout privileges.  This not only helps prevent a diminishing collection, but also reinforces the importance of responsibility and good citizenship. Because of the special bindings and labels required for school library books, we would gratefully return any money collected if the book is found and returned to us.