Wrapping up the March 21 2019 SBDM meeting

On March 21 SBDM called a special meeting that began with the adoption of agenda and the previous meeting’s minutes. This followed with the good news report. All students who took the ACT on March 12 were able to use graphing calculators with the help from the math department finding extra calculators from a middle school. The counseling office also began meeting with seniors later in the school year to see if they meet the graduation requirements which has been a success. Both girls’ and boys’ Basketball ended with successful seasons and Archery did well at the NASP tournament. The Speech and Debate team also placed well at the Smoky Mountain National Invitational.

The meeting featured many speakers concerned about staffing affecting their department. The Math Department and HC Librarian Amanda Hurley were present for that purpose. The Math Department is asking to keep math positions at 16.3, and Hurley is asking to keep a full time clerk.

The Budget Committee asked to take 500 dollars from counseling to fund extra SCIF money which was then approved. The SCIF budget and budget recommendations were accepted.

SBDM also discussed staffing and how many positions are available. They believe that they will be able to “buy back” 2.8 positions out of the  required 4.4. SBDM is proposing to lose one math, science, and art, and .7 PE and chorus positions. However, HC Principal Paul Little assured that positions doesn’t always equate to people. If HC were to receive additional funding, HC would hire PE and then art because of student enrollment in those classes.

Field trips for Model UN  and fundraisers for Cheer, Cross Country, Girls Golf, and Archery were also approved. The meeting concluded with the student report from HC Student Representative Merrick Moore. Moore reported that there is one club poster made, but she is hoping to update the club list on the website. The council also discussed when there would be talk about the next student representative.

The next SBDM meeting will be held April 3 at 5:30 in the HC Library.