Wrapping up the May 8 2019 SBDM meeting

The May 8 SBDM meeting began with the adoption to the amended March agenda.  The adoption of minutes and the amended minutes from the March 21 meeting were accepted. This was then followed by the good news report. HC Math teacher Sarah Zehnder and HC Librarian Amanda Hurley were invited to present at a national conference and 12 students were accepted into the 2019 Governor’s Scholars Program. 35 students earned the Seal of Biliteracy and HC earned 14th best school in the state and first in the city by USA Today’s report. HC Principal Paul Little also received $245,000 from the district, allowing five positions to be brought back: P.E, Music, Math, and Science.

The SCIF budget and activities were accepted. The writing policy was also accepted for the second read. Fundraisers for Chorus were also approved.

The meeting was concluded with with the student report from HC Student Representative Merrick Moore. Moore has continued her work with gathering club information by making a Google Doc asking for information and descriptions of clubs. However, only nine people have responded so Little suggested that he would send out the list in hopes of getting more responses.

The next SBDM meeting will be held June 12 at 5:30 in the HC library.  

This was the last SBDM meeting of the official 2018-19 school year.