2016 Digital Art 1 Family Photo

2016 Digital Art 1

Title:  Family Photo                 Software:   Paint

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Family photoPurpose:   The purpose of my picture is to represent a family.

Process:   This is how I made my picture …

  1. I colored the background blue using a paint bucket.
  2. I put four circles for heads
  3. I drew faces on the heads with a marker.
  4. I drew shirts pant and skirts on them with a marker.
  5. I drew arms, shoes and legs with a pen.
  6. I drew a tree and a bird with marker.
  7. I drew grass and flower with a pen, too.
  8. I put a sun in with a circle.
  9. I zoomed in to decorate their clothing.And that’s it, I hope you like my picture.
    And that’s it, I hope you like my picture.  Kendall F.