2016 Graphic Design A

Title:  Science Fair  by CJ B.   Software:  Paint
Click on the picture for a larger view!
Science Fair! by CJ

Purpose:  The purpose of my piece is to create a picture to advertise the Science Fair!

So I am the creator of the picture stated in the title… I am writing this process on how to make my picture lickety split! Follow my steps and you might be able to do a similar picture to mine!

  1. I opened the program Paint (you need an art program to paint on the computer!).
  2. Then once you see a blank screen and the word “Paint” in the grey bar above the program window you get the circle tool and make an oval… 3 ovals to be exact.
  3. Then make 4 table legs for each table… make sure it’s the exact same color or it won’t have a “table-y” effect.
  4. Put a background… I didn’t do that at first but I realized it was a mistake so don’t make my mistakes… please.
  5. Put three squares on each table with the Square Tool. Use the Line Tool and make black lines in-between. Make sure one is wide and two are thin.
  6. Write some things on each board… Labels like “Title” or  “Conclusion”.
  7. Put special things on, between, or nearby the boards just so it looks fancy. Like balloons, posters, people, just… something!
  8. Put a title (I did it in rainbow colors but you don’t need to) above the boards that says “Science Fair!” or something alike it.
  9. Save it in your file and there you go… first 9 (basically 8) step procedure I did in… well forever!  So here’s the picture I made. Hopefully the one you make looks somewhat similar. If you see white spots that’s what I mean about the background mistake.
  10. I put the banners on the top of the picture to represent our gym because our Science Fair was in the gym.  The net with balls in it is there for the same reason.