August 2019

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12 13 14 – Classes begin; letter to self, introductions 15 – Syllabus; background – begin “Most Dangerous Game” 16
19 – Nouns 20 – Vocab 1A 21 22 23 – no classes
26 – Nouns quiz; pronouns 27 – Vocab 1A test; Vocab 1B 28 29 30

September 2019

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2 – Labor Day 3 – Vocab 1B test; Vocab 2A 4 – Odyssey 1 test 5 6
9 – Pronouns quiz; adjectives 10 – Vocab 2A test; Vocab 2B; suicide prevention presentation 11 – Odyssey 2 test 12 13
16 – Adjectives quiz; verbs 17 – Vocab 2B test; Vocab 3A 18 – Odyssey 3 test 19 20
23 – Verbs quiz; adverbs 24 – Vocab 3A test; Vocab 3B 25 26 27 – Odyssey 4 test
30 – Adverbs quiz

October 2019

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 – Vocab 3B test; Vocab 4A 2 3 – Fall Break 4 – Fall Break
7 – Prepositions 8 – Vocab 4A test; Vocab 4B 9 – Odyssey 5 test 10 11
14 – Prepositions quiz; conjunctions and interjections 15 – Vocab 4B test; Vocab 5A 16 17 18 – District test due
21 – Conjunctions and interjections quiz 22 – Vocab 5A test; Vocab 5B 23 24 25
28 29 – Vocab 5B test; Vocab 6A 30 – To Kill a Mockingbird 1-8 test 31

November 2019

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4 5 – Election Day 6 – Vocab 6A test; Vocab 6B 7 8 – Mockingbird 9-15 test
11 12 13 – Vocab 6B test; Vocab 7A 14 – Mockingbird 16-21 test 15 – Friends on Internet
18 19 20 – Vocab 7A test; Vocab 7B 21 – Mockingbird 22-31 test 22 –
25 26 – Vocab 7B test; Vocab 8A 27 – Thanksgiving break 28 – Thanksgiving break 29 – Thanksgiving break

December 2019

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2 3 – Vocab 8A test; Vocab 8B 4 – TKAM 16-21 test 5 6
9 10 – Vocab 8B 11 12 13 –
16 17 18 19 20 – Last day

English I – 2019-2020

Kevin Lentz



(859) 381-3423 (ext. 2234)

Room 34

Course syllabus

Fall semester:

  • Units: Collection 6 (Heroes and Quests, including Homer’s The Odyssey) and Collection 2 (The Struggle for Freedom, including Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird)
  • In addition, students will study grammar (parts of speech) and vocabulary (Vocabulary Workshop Level D).

Spring semester:

  • Units: Collection 4 (Sweet Sorrow, including Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet), and Unit 5 (A Matter of Life or Death, including Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game)
  • Students will continue study of grammar usage, and vocabulary.


  • 40% formative – class work, homework, rough drafts, quizzes
  • 40% summative – tests and final drafts
  • 20% – final exam.

Students should check their grades and progress regularly in Infinite Campus and see me before or after school with grade questions.


I respond quickly to emails sent to my school account (kevin.lentz@fayette.kyschools.us). Be aware, though, that I do not regularly check my emails after hours or on weekends. I post daily blog updates to the class webpage that include the day’s agenda and a schedule for the week ahead.

Some assignments will be required to be submitted to turnitin.com. You can find below your class IDs and password for this class. If you encounter technical difficulties with turnitin.com, email me the assignment by the deadline and see me before or after school to troubleshoot the difficulty.

Class Turnitin class Password
6th – English I 21846001 sixth





Students will need the following supplies throughout the school year: books, folder, paper, and pen or pencil (#2 pencil recommended for bubbling).

I welcome donations to the classroom of Kleenex.

Classroom procedures and rules


I expect all students to consistently demonstrate respect to adults, to one another, and to school property. The expectation of respect includes (but is not limited to) the following specific expectations:

  • Students will respectfully and thoughtfully listen to and respond to all speakers (including adults and fellow students); do not talk while others have the floor.
  • Students will not dominate classroom discussion.
  • Students will keep topics of discussion school-appropriate and will avoid profanity.
  • Students will not throw anything.
  • Students will not write on or deface books, desks, walls, posters, etc.
  • Students may eat or drink carefully in this room as long as all classes keep it clean.
  • Students may use cell phones in moderation during bell ringers, computer days, and other individual work time.
  • Students may not use cell phones at all during tests and quizzes
  • Students may ask to use cell phones for academic purposes during presentations, discussions, lectures, and small group work


This class includes a large amount of in-class discussion, which is impossible to duplicate in SAFE or at home. Students should plan to miss as seldom as possible.

  • Students can always retrieve missing work from this class’s box.
  • If students have an excused absence, it is their responsibility to see me before or after school to get caught up in the allowed time. As per school policy, they have the number of days they were absent plus one to make up missing work.
  • I expect students to be in class during this hour. Students receive two hall passes per six-weeks for emergencies of any kind – restroom, water fountain, locker, front office, counselor, etc. It is the students’ responsibility to keep up with their hall passes – not mine. Hall passes are not transferable.
  • Students must have my permission to miss class due to in-school activities (e.g. pep rallies, blood drives, talent shows, etc.). All assigned work is due, even if students miss this period due to an in-school activity or field trip.
  • In the event of a snow day, I will blog schedule updates and reminders to the class page.




  • In order to be successful, students must exert a fair amount of effort in this class, including outside reading, homework, writing assignments, and studying for tests and quizzes.
  • I accept no late work due to unexcused absences, skipping class, computer failure, or forgetfulness; however, students can submit an unexcused late assignment for 50% credit.
  • Upon entering class, students should check the agenda, turn in any homework into the box, and be in their desks working on their bell ringer when the bell rings. I will collect bell ringers weekly.
  • Computer issues are not an excuse for late assignments. Students should back up their work to at least two places and have access to an alternate printer.
  • Students may not share information on any assignment without my express permission. All students complicit in cheating will receive a zero for that assignment, with no possibility to redo.
  • Plagiarism (representing someone else’s work as one’s own) will result in a zero for that assignment with no possibility to redo.
  • Students will have a seating chart, which will change periodically.
  • Students should always complete homework with the expectation that it will be collected and graded and with the understanding that the assigned work prepares them to utilize skills taught.

Emergency procedures

  • Fire: Exit straight out hallway through the exit by rooms 32-33 and meet across the driveway.
  • Evacuation: Exit straight out hallway through the exit by rooms 32-33 and meet at the 16 yard line (visitor side near scoreboard)
  • Lockdown: Sit quietly in the corner under the TV (not visible from door).
  • Earthquake: Get under your desk.
  • Tornado: Room 34 is a tornado safe room; kneel at the wall.


Please recycle clean plastic, glass, and aluminum in the recycle bin. Empty cans and bottles before recycling. Throw anything dirty, sticky, nasty, or otherwise unpleasant into the trash.

I expect this class to run smoothly and be a pleasant experience for us all. Thank you for working to ensure our success!

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