English as a Second Language is a special program for immigrants who come to the USA and do not speak English fluently. All new-comers are tested to identify their English language proficiency. Then, they are placed into appropriate ESL classes, according to their test results.

    Our teachers are trained and certified to educate ESL students. Each student has a personal service plan to benefit their learning and provide accommodations and modifications. Students learn not only how to speak, write, read in English but also core content in math, science, and social studies. They learn about this country,  people, our culture, and holidays. We talk about diversity, life styles, food, customs, and money. We teach English, Literature, Math, Social Studies, and how to use media and technology. We expand their knowledge by showing how to research when they work on projects. We use ESL strategies to help them understand and learn better. We encourage our students to participate in after school activities and clubs to develop their social skills and talents.Also, ESL after school program is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays if they need help.

     Students might need 5 or 6  ESL classes at the beginning and only 1 or 2 later until  they exit the program. When they achieve Level B or C, 4.5 points score or higher on our ACCESS WIDA Test (ESL state test taken every year in January to monitor students’ progress), they are scheduled to required regular classes.  Students get credits for all ESL classes. They need total 22 credits to graduate. We accept credits from your country as well. Please contact me if you have any questions about this program or need more information.

Here are some helpful terms:

NEP – Novice English Proficiency (New-comers, Non- English speakers, with the test scores between 1-3, level A, or level B with the scores below 2.5)

LEP – Limited English Proficiency (Beginning levels A with the test scores more than 3; Intermediate level B with the scores 2.6 – 4; Advanced levels B or C with the scores below 4.5)

FEP – Fluent English Proficiency (level C with the scores 4.5 – 6)

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