Colon WebQuest

Colons WebQuest–Put all answers on the paper answer sheet.

Explore the following sites to understand more about the COLON (:):

  1. –record 5 facts about colons from this site
Colon Facts Fact Example


  1. –After watching the flash presentation, what are two of the fruits on the list of the presenter’s favorite fruits? List them in the following space:


  1. Watch the video found here:

Explain the analogy to a spring in the second use for a colon (how is a colon like a spring?)


There is one thing that all three uses for a colon have in common. Circle the statement that expresses that similarity below:


The colon comes between the subject and the verb.


The part before the colon could stand alone as a sentence.


Always use a colon if you have a list in a sentence.


  1. Take the quiz found here:

Read the directions carefully and begin.

Once you have finished, write your answers for numbers 2, 5, and 9

  1. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________