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AP Language and Composition Cartoon Analysis Due to Turnitin.com by 11:59

Pick an editorial/political cartoon to analyze.  Write a paragraph, concentrating on the following:

  1. Give the title, artist, and publication date.
  2. Explain the central issue being editorialized.
  3. In the image, what about the images and text address the central issue.
  4. What techniques does the artist use to create the message?
  5. Evaluate how the techniques add to or detract from the message.


AP Summer Reading Test Issues With Question 5

I have been researching for a 2014 occasion for this book.  Yes, the book was originally published in 2013; however, the afterword was published in 2015.  I thought for sure I had found it, but upon further reading, nothing grew clear. I have now sent an email to Mrs. Walters, in the hopes, she will give me some insight.  Honestly, my biggest fear is that it is so obvious and has been in front of my face all along.  Yet, if I ask my students to risk failure, I better be willing to do so too.

My inclination at this point is to toss the question out.  Therefore, if you are stressing yourself out trying to find a reference to something that happened in 2014–stop.  Bring in five, well-crafted answers, and we’ll call it a day.

UPDATE:  Mrs. Walters answered my email and suggested if you were to answer #5, you would “make inferences about what might have caused Gladwell to write the book.  Infer, based on his arguments and evidence, general events, ways of thinking, cultural beliefs that probably led him to write the book at that time and place.  He doesn’t explicitly state his occasion.  Come to an educated conclusion on this one.”

Hope this helps!