Here to Serve

I am here to serve the faculty and staff of Fayette County Public Schools. Some think I'm too busy but I take joy in receiving inquires for assistance. Websites are very useful if you can make use of them allow me to help you.

Google Sites vs. WordPress

Many of you have said to me…

“So what’s the difference between Google Sites and WordPress? I see you’re doing training for both. I want a website but I’m not sure which avenue I should choose.”

School Website Transition FAQs

Yes, the rumors are correct! All Fayette County Schools are getting new websites. We will be transitioning from Umbraco to Blackboard. I understand that many of you really really hate Umbraco but in there defense, we were working with an

Tips For a Successful Website

Below are a couple of tips and tricks for building a successful website. Take a look! Tips Keep header menu one line. Don’t have more than more than one row of header links. You should have the following links in

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