Digital Learning Week is Here!

It’s amazing how a holiday and couple of snow days can really make a month fly by!  Ready or not, Digital Learning Day (and Week) is upon us.  I hope you are as excited as I am about this opportunity to highlight some of the great work going on in our schools and to encourage everyone to try something new. 


I’ve been reviewing some of the classroom activities that are being planned for this week in schools across the district.  From Smartboard and clicker activities to Skyping with other classes to creating videos, graphic novels and QR codes there are a plethora of cool things happening across our district this week.  I know for many of our teachers, using technology with students is as common place as using pencils.  But for others this represents a new or next step.  Kudos to everyone who is participating!

We are also collecting samples of student work, lesson plans, etc. to post to our district Digital Learning website.  We will be uploading those as we get them and can’t wait to have a showcase of work from every school.  If you have great work to share, just contact your STC and let them know!

Most of all, have fun this week and carry that excitement forward throughout the rest of the year.  Use the technology and resources around you to take learning to the next level.  At the end of the day, it’s all about what our kids have learned, and not how they got there.  But if technology can speed them along their way and make it more fun and engaging at the same time, then what do we have to lose?

You may have seen this quote before, but it’s a great reminder for us as educators.

The Five Be’s
By:  Peter H. Reynolds 

Be brave!
Be original!
Be inspired!
Be inspirational!
Be active! 

Make it a meaningful journey!

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