And Students Lead the Way

Southern Elementary, 2013 STEM Fair

STEM FairIf you wonder what innovative projects our students are doing these days – they would love to share with you how they are leading the way at this year’s STEM Fair on February 8th at Bryan Station High School. For a preview…

Bryan Station Middle School students are developing PSAs for their school. The “We” PSA promotes their school, its diverse population, and some of the activities students are involved in at school. The second PSA, “Random Acts of Kindness,” is a video promoting acts of kindness, and how they can spread.

LTMS, 2013 STEM Fair

Eastside Technology Center students would like to change public opinion about video games.  Video game communities raise millions for charities.  The students would like to get competitive gaming clubs started in Fayette County Public Schools.

Russell Cave Elementary students created posters and brochures to show the community what a great school they have. These will be presented at a future event.

Glendover Elementary, 2013 STEM Fair

Sandersville Elementary students used ArtRage software to design original pieces of artwork to create coloring books. The coloring books will be donated to The Nest, a Lexington women’s shelter for families going through a time of crisis, to help the students “escape” into a world of art as a means to heal.

Please join us for our 13th annual STEM Fair where we showcase and celebrate the accomplishments of our students and their use of technology to support science, engineering, mathematics and the arts.

  • Saturday, February 8, 2014
  • 9:00 – 11:00 Open to the public
  • Awards Ceremony 11:30
  • Bryan Station High School
Bryan Station High School, 2013 STEM Fair

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