Celebrate Digital Learning

Have you wondered what it would be like to “flip” your classroom for the day or see what it might be like for students to use whatever device they have with them as tool for learning?  Perhaps you think your students might enjoy presenting research in the form of a digital story, use a camera to document how they solved a math problem or get an “up close” view of a volcano in Google Earth.  Digital Learning Day may be a great time to test the waters!

Digital Learning Day is not only a celebration of learning with technology but also an awareness in the importance of  “providing every child the opportunity to learn in a robust digital environment every day, with the goal of success in career and college.” If you think about it, every job uses technology in some way.  We communicate using technology, we access information using technology, we use technology to create products and solve problems.  A classroom rich in technology experiences is one that is preparing a child for work in this century.

While we hope that you celebrate digital learning with your students everyday, the offical date is February 5th!

Take the Pledge!  Plan how you and your class or school will celebrate Digital Learning Day by visiting the Digital Learning Day website.  You will find it  filled with ideas about how your can incorporate Digital Learning in your classroom!


Watch for future details on how we plan to celebrate Digital Learning Day, including opportunities to share what your class or school will be doing!

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