The New SharePoint Online Is Here!

It’s here! (Well, sorta!)

  • What? SharePoint Online!
  • What? Content management online, from anywhere, with anyone, with integrated software to support it.
  • Where? You can access through Office 365 via Outlook Web Mail (see at right), or just click here.
  • When? Well, that’s a complex question….

If you know about our current SharePoint 2007 install (, the use of it is, well, happening right now. SharePoint Online ( ) is available now too, but only for a very limited number of folks. By this time next year, we’ll all be using SharePoint Online – we’re actually moving our whole SharePoint system over to the Online one – but we’ve only begun that migration this month, and it’ll take the rest of the year to get there. (If you’re curious about who’s made the trip, go there, and poke around.)

  • Should I care? Well, maybe, maybe not, but there are a bunch of good reasons why you might. Here’s a short list why your school or office might want to use SharePoint Online.
    1. Access to your stuff from anywhere, using any device. OK, well, that’s mostly true of our SharePoint 2007 install, but the Online one does a lot better, because…
    2. Integrated, online software. If you store “Word” documents online, you know you need “Word” software to open and edit them. SharePoint 2007 leverages your Word install on your computer. SharePoint Online has the software right there, on the website – you don’t need it on your computer (or whatever devices you’re using). Think “Google Drive,” ‘cept you’re using a version of Microsoft Word, completely online!
    3. Friendly to all browsers. Because of #2 above, SharePoint Online does a much better job of welcoming in your iPad, your Galaxy S, your Surface, your Kindle – whatever device you use to wander in with.
    4. A Brand New Facebook. OK, well, SharePoint Online isn’t exactly Facebook, but it does provide for a lot of things you’ve come to like there, including a “Newsfeed” your school or office can post to, and the ability to “share” items.
    5. Notes. Each SharePoint Online site can have (if you want it) a home-page “OneNote” notebook, for quick and dirty collaboration and content creation. Think “wiki” on steroids!
    6. Search! One of the main complaints of our old SharePoint 2007 install is that you could never find anything. You can now! Search words are applied not just to file names, but inside Word and PDF docs. You can find exactly what you’re looking for! (We’ve also made browsing easier.)
    7. And…. Of course, all of the stuff that the more sophisticated amongst us has discovered about SharePoint 2007 – calendars you can attach to your Outlook, alerts when changes happen, document sharing, etc. – are still there, and work even better.
  • I’m in! When? If you want to know when your school is scheduled to migrate, you can look at the SharePoint Migration Track list, linked from the home page of our new SharePoint Online site. If your school or office isn’t scheduled yet, ask your school tech coordinator or IAKSS office SharePoint manager when that might happen. We’re migrating sites in groups, two to three times a month. It’s coming!

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