City of Immigrants

missionUs4The year is 1907.   You find yourself on a long journey from your home in Russia with an American destination and a dream.  As a young Jewish girl, your options are limited, you need to be able to think quick and make good decisions.  Your older brother needs help with his business in New York City, yet you have dreams of your own.  Working conditions are poor in factories and you have the opportunity to help create change. The theater life seems glamorous, will you become a famous actress? Will you be able to help bring your parents over to America? How will your life unfold as an immigrant?

The City of Immigrants is the newest game available for free as part of the Mission US series.  Students can play through the game as Lena, the main character, and make decisions while learning about life in 1907 New York as well as struggles immigrants had to overcome to be successful in America.  Like the other Mission US games, City of Immigrants has a fantastic storyline that could be used as a text for reading, text can be read to students and key vocabulary words are highlighted and stored as student discover them throughout the story.

City of Immigrant Trailer:


You can check out this new game from Mission US as well as other games from the Mission US homepage:


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