KET Encyclomedia: Time to Revisit an Old Friend!

KET - Dis - PBS Logos 2Ah…the evolution of video. I vividly remember watching old home videos my father filmed back in the 70’s with a Bell & Howell 8mm camera. The short, silent videos are grainy, poorly filmed (sorry, Dad), and typically show a wide range of color variance as the camera panned from left to right. What great memories!

1960s Christmas

Today, we have unimaginable opportunities to view millions of videos on devices as small as credit cards and as large as a jumbotrons – even screens that take up more real estate than many bluegrass area homes! However, the availability of educational videos is sometimes limited because we have popular video service websites that store videos with low resolutions and give less than useful clarity when projected inside the classroom. Unfortunately, the mighty YouTube has transformed the video-streaming industry by pumping ads into the beginning of videos and by cluttering the website with “related” videos that may be inappropriate or just plain annoying. Well, enter KET’s Encyclomedia to shore up educational video streaming!

The KET Encyclomedia website offers the entry point for Discovery Education and for PBS LearningMedia. While Discovery Education requires registration and a passcode, PBS LearningMedia is free and accessible to everyone – registering is optional. Let’s talk about what resources are available from each.

Discovery Education (the “old” United Streaming) is a storehouse for thousands of videos, images, lesson plans and other resources. Videos and other resources can be searched by grade level and by ten different subject areas including visual/performing arts and world languages. Types of searchable media include full video, clip art, images, audio clips, songs, sound effects, articles, games and many more media resources! The content offerings are vast and have been recently redesigned to stream across numerous mobile devices and varied operating platforms.

PBS LearningMedia is a streaming website for over 100,000 resources including streamable videos, downloadable videos, and interactives. The website is searchable by Common Core Standards, grade level, and searchable keywords and your choice of thousands of educational resources can be incorporated into your curriculum. Just a few of the program video series are listed below:

Curious GeorgeAmerican Experience
Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodEarth's Natural Wonders
The Electric CompanyFrontline
Fizzy's Lunch LabMasterpiece
In Search of ShakespeareNature
Sid the Science KidNova
Wild KrattsThe Ken Burns Collection

After you peruse the video series above, immerse your students in Spanish while showing ¡Art y más video series lessons. Or check out over 400 videos aligned with 5-8 Math Common Core in the Math at the Core video series. The resource collection at PBS LearningMedia is extensive and new content is regularly updated.

So, next time you are looking for an instructional video for your students, check out the free, presentation-ready videos that Encyclomedia and PBS LearningMedia offer. Be sure to check out the newly launched app, PBS STUDENTS, for your iOS/Android devices; it makes access so much easier!

Having trouble logging into Discovery Education? Contact you school’s media specialist for account creating information and passcode.

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