Can You Beat The Clock- Breakout Edu

A large wooden box with six different locks sits on a table in the front of the room.  A small locked pencil box rests beside it.  The timer on the board is set to 45 minutes.  Can your students work together, solve the puzzles, discover the clues to open all of the locks and retrieve the treasure before the time is up?

Breakout Edu is a concept based on the idea of escape rooms or breakout rooms, with puzzles and clues based on specific content or skills teachers want their students to use. Breakouts are a great way to include gaming, thinking and play into your classroom.

Here is a great video from James Sanders introducing Breakout Edu:

To get started using Breakouts in your classroom, you will need a few supplies.  I ordered a kit from the Breakout Edu site. The kit came with a nice handmade wooden box, several different locks, a flash drive, a UV light, an invisible ink pen, a lockable pencil box, several Breakout EDU logos and hint cards. If you prefer, you can select the open source option to create a kit.  Using this list, items can be purchased from local stores on online shops like Amazon. Of course, there is now a third option- no physical locks required.  Digital Breakouts are completed using just technology.  You can explore more about that option on the digital breakout page!

Currently the creation of Breakout Edu games are in BETA and they are available for free on the Breakout website. To open any of the games, you’ll need the passcode. Once you complete the signup on the page, you will have access to the code.

If you are interested in learning how other educators are using Breakout EDU in the classroom or would like to learn about different tools and resources available, be sure to join their Facebook Group.

If you have other questions about Breakout EDU games or need help getting started, be sure to reach out to one of the district TRT’s who can help!



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