Email Guidelines

As a tool to help users of the FCPS electronic mail (email) system make the best use of this tool, we offer the following helpful “Do’s and Don’ts” for the use of email.


  • Remember that our email system is a resource intended for instructional and adminstrative uses.
  • Keep email messages concise and to the point.
  • Use the BCC feature when emailing groups of parents.   This prevents the unintended sharing of parent emails.
  • Reply as promptly as possible to emails, especially to parents and community members.  If you don’t know the answer, let them know you are working on finding it.
  • Read your email before hitting send.
  • Keep copies of emails to
  • Regularly sort your inbox, sent items and other folders you have created by email date so you can clean out old emails.
  • Regularly clean out your deleted items folder if you don’t have your client do so automatically when you exit.
  • Turn off “request read receipt” if it is on as your default and only request a read receipt for critical items. This will overall make the email system more efficient.
  • Move large file attachments that you want to save to your local PC drive so they are not stored on the email server.


  • Participate in spam, hoaxes, chain mail, joke emails, etc.  Just hit delete!
  • Use the stationery feature of Outlook. This adds unnecessary bulk and size to emails and often makes them difficult for others to read.
  • USE ALL CAPITALS!  (It’s like yelling at the person you are emailing.)
  • Use email for a conversation that needs to happen face to face or that will take too long to explain via email.
  • Leave the subject line blank.