Read & Write Gold: Scaffolding Language on a Student Computer

       Increasingly, reading materials are being delivered and created on computing devices. There is, of course, a downside to this (students require access to a computing device), but the upside is that the support of reading and writing can be automated there.
       Here’s the problem: a student needs to research a topic, and write a paper on that topic. The student has much lower reading skills than his peers, or has other challenges (limited vision, physical limitations), which limit his ability to use a browser and create text in Word.
Read & Write Gold       Here’s the solution: Read & Write Gold, a TextHelp technology. This software does nothing on its own, but scaffolds a student’s ability to use other tools such as browsers and word processors. It will read highlighted text, translate text, look up words in its integrated dictionary, helps with research. This capability is delivered directly through menus and icons in Word or Internet Explorer.
       Here’s the kicker: this software was purchased by the district Special Ed Department. This is a site license, so Read & Write Gold can be freely installed on any computer in the district.
        What do you do if you need this, and don’t have it? Contact your school tech coordinator for assistance in having it installed. (STC’s/Techs: contact Brice Jones for installation help.) Brice will also be happy to train on the use of this powerful technology directly in your school.


One thought on “Read & Write Gold: Scaffolding Language on a Student Computer

  1. Many years ago every computer at Cardinal Valley Elementary had this program installed and all of the students were using it. Kindergarten students were able to learn about animals by having the software read a web page to them, fourth graders used the software to have their portfolio pieces read back to them (a good way to find mistakes), and other grade levels also found multiple uses for the software. The program has improved greatly since then – and we loved it then!

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