Share What You Know: Apply to Present!

It’s hard to believe the end of the school year is coming to a close.  One more year of experience under your belt, a year filled hurdles you’ve overcome and achievements you’ve made!  Perhaps you ventured into ways to promote learning outside your classroom using Edmodo or iSchool.  Maybe you finally figured out ways for students to use their personal device in class for the purpose of learning.ShareKnowledge  Did you decide that you would learn how to blog or use social media to connect with parents, all for the purpose of promoting communication? Did your students create a project using a cool app or piece of software?  Did you expand your own personal learning through making connections with other teachers using Twitter or attend an unconference? You are doing great things in your classroom and you need to share these ideas with other teachers!

Conference presentations are just one way to share your ideas, experience and projects with other educators.  Most conferences have a “call for presenters”, which is a window of time before the conference dates where they seek out people to share ideas!  Depending on the size of the conference, some call for presenters may happen a year in advance to a few months. Many education conferences have themes or topics they are seeking presentations for as well.  TESOL offers some great tips for writing a successful conference proposal, including things like thinking about your audience, having someone read over your proposal and have some clear objectives that participants should take with them.

Presenting at a local conference is a great way to gain experience, too.  Most sessions are about an hour long and do not take too much time preparing for in advance.  Conference presentations are a great addition to a resume as well!

Our Fayette County Innovations for Learning Conference is currently looking for presenters and teachers love hearing from other teachers!  Take some time to think about ways in which you have used technology in your classroom this year and consider applying to present!  You can find information about the conference as well as presenter application on the Fayette County Innovations for Learning website!



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