Meeting Up- Building Community!

Elementary BreakoutHow do you sustain innovative ideas in a classroom?  As an educator, how can you find answers to questions about new technologies that you are interested in using?  How can you share instructional strategies that you are passionate about with other educators?  One solution may be a meetup, an informal gathering of teachers, administrators, librarians, community partners and college professors with the purpose of building community, sharing resources and creating personal learning networks.

On April 25th, the first KY Scratch Educator meetup was held at Awesome, Inc. hereIntroToScratch in Lexington!  While Scratch Educators have been meeting in Cambridge, MA and New York City, it was exciting to be able to offer this meetup in Kentucky! Attendees who used Scratch as well as those who were Intro Activitybrand new to the program enjoyed a morning filled with integration ideas and activities to support Scratch in the classroom as well as other coding initiatives in schools. Conversations continued during lunch, provided by KySTE!  The meetup was not difficult to organize, we had the Scratch Educator Meetup Guide to assist us in planning, promoting and carrying out the event!

We plan for the Scratch Educator Meetups to be a regular occurrence! Be on the look out this summer for dates, times and locations for next school year!  I’m hoping that you will meetup with us- and bring a friend!

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