It’s spring! Time to clean up the garage!

Messy GarageThose of you who’ve been following TIPS since its inception know that May is “clean out the garage!” time! (The librarians, when looking at their book offerings, call it “weeding.”) Things, of course, are a little different this year, since we’ve had major changes. I’ve also expanded things a bit to reference some of them.

Fayette’s iSchool

With a major migration last year, our in-house learning management system isn’t too buried with dead stuff, but with the coming demise of FrontPage, some folks will be moving to it.

  • If you use Fayette’s iSchool interactively with students: There are lots of options in dealing with preparing for a new collection of students. This page (in the iSchool Teacher Community) has all of the details. To cut to the chase: don’t simply un-enroll your students. There are easier ways!
  • If you use Fayette’s iSchool as a teacher web page. (This will include teachers who use it with students, but who have guest access turned on as well.) Just make sure that…
    • …contact information, assignments, materials/resources, all reflect your current and future status.
    • …links aren’t dead.
    • …your school web master has your latest URL, so that the school site is up to date.

SharePoint Online

As you probably know, the major migration is just now finishing up.

  • Your World: If you have content you use or need on SharePoint 2007, make sure it also exists on SharePoint Online (in Office365).  If it isn’t, contact me! We’ll be turning off the old system June 1!
  • SharePoint 2007: no need to clean this up, it’s going to be taken down anyway.
  • SharePoint Online: Chances are, any space you use there right now is probably not too cluttered, but site “owners” (school STC’s, IAKSS office managers) should be sure dead stuff goes away.

WordPress (the blog system)

Like any other web resource hosted inside the district, your blog is sitting in a finite amount of storage space. It isn’t necessary to delete blog posts from years ago, as long as the site is still active. But check your site. Is it active? Does it have current contact and other information? If not, you have two choices: 1) get it up to date, or 2) ask to have it removed. Any link that’s dead, or any web page linked to that’s empty, reflects quite badly on its owner. Remember: Just because you don’t frequent a page, doesn’t mean no one does! If a parent looks at what you’ve identified as your space (and a lot will these days), and it’s empty or woefully out of date, that looks bad on you. It’s actually better to have no page at all.

Put on those overalls, hustle those boxes, find that bottle of Windex – time to make that garage fairly glow!

2 thoughts on “It’s spring! Time to clean up the garage!

  1. I need to get the Orchestra Resources Sharepoint site up to date. Would it be possible for me to sit down with someone and make sure I press the right buttons?

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