PGES Connection: Growing as a Professional

Technology is connecting thousands of educators worldwide, through online communities and networks. These educators are working together to solve problems, share ideas and grow professionally.  Connecting to other educators helps you grow in your content knowledge, pedagogy and use of technology.  Actively participating in these communities, assisting other educators and contributing ideas and knowledge to other educators is part of the Framework for Teaching 4E: Growing and Developing Professionally as an educator.

ConnectingDid you know October is Connected Educator Month? The Connected Educator Month Initiative organizers plan coordinated opportunities for educators to participate in events and activities in dozens of online locations to develop skills and enhance one’s personal learning network.  These events include Twitter Chats called Connected Cafes, online book clubs discussing topics of interest to educators and led by authors and links to online conferences with links to archived sessions. The group even has a start up kit to help those interested in becoming a connected educator.

Here are a couple of  different ways you can connect to others:

Twitter Chats:  You can find a calendar of chats that occur daily on Twitter.  Twitter for Educators might provide some helpful hints to get started.

Edcamps and Meetups: Teachers are meeting up to discuss education topics of interest and learn from each other in person.  These events are free to attend and provide you with a great way to connect to other educators and community partners!

Online Conference: Many conferences occur online or partially online, like the Global Education Conference.  It is a great way to hear from experts, discuss ideas online and learn from others!

You have great ideas to share!  I hope you will find ways to share those ideas with other educators and grown your professional learning network!

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