Be Part of the Largest Learning Event in History

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? The largest learning event in history and your students can take part! If the excitement of participating in a global event isn’t enough- you can win some fabulous prizes, too!

imageThe Hour of Code is part of a week long celebration of computer science, occurring the week of December 7, 2015. Teachers can sign up to participate for free and use many of the free activities located on the Hour of Code website with students! is the organization behind the Hour of Code and they are “calling all teachers” to participate!

Imagine your students programming with Star Wars characters, Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Angry Birds or Flappy Bird. These are just a few of the many activities your students can do for an hour of coding fun! If you are worried about access to technology to participate, well have no fear, the site includes many “unplugged” activities for teachers to use – no technology needed! It is really all about the thinking,communicating and problem solving! If you need a hand, just let us know! The FCPS district TRT’s are ready to help! Hour of Code could be a great family night event or even used during a faculty meeting for teachers to experience coding, too!

As you can see, job opportunities for students in the area of computer science are plentiful, but we do not have a skilled workforce to fill these positions!  Interest in pursuing a career in a computer science or STEM field can begin with an Hour of Code!

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You can participate, too!


1.      Visit the Hour of Code website to register:

Every educator who hosts an Hour of Code is eligible to receive $10 to, iTunes or Windows Store as a thank-you gift! Other prizes include $10,000 worth of technology (must have entire school participating and register by 11/16 for this prize), a trip to a behind the scenes “Making of Star Wars” in California and robots from Sphero.  You can read about prizes from Hour of Code here: is listed as an approved site on FCPS data sharing agreement page.


2.      Once you have registered to do an Hour of Code, register with Fayette County to let us know!

Link to register:

When prompted, log in with your Fayette County email/password.


3.      Once the Hour of Code week is over, we will ask you to submit a short summary of the activities you did and send a few pictures!



One elementary, middle and high school Fayette County teacher who have registered with us and the Hour of Code site, then completes the follow-up summary/pictures submission will be selected to win a $500 classroom technology grant from County!




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