Beyond an Hour of Code

This month, classrooms all over Fayette County were part of the largest learning event in history- the Hour of Code! Learning how to code is not easy, but as many teachers saw first hand, it is highly engaging to many students.  Perhaps it is because many of the things in our world today are created with Python, Java, Ruby or other programming languages. Maybe, it is because learning how to code really makes you think.  Students may see how coding is not just limited to science and math, but touches all content areas. Aloe Blacc, one of the celebrities who video chatted with students during Hour of Code week 2015, shares how his knowledge of coding helps him in the music business.

While this celebration of computer science is designed to show how anyone, young or not so young, can create with code, computational thinking skills and dispositions can be incorporated into your classroom lessons all year long!

So, if you did the Hour of Code with your students, what’s next?

The tutorials listed on the Hour of Code site are available all year!  Many of the apps featured for teachers to use with students are free or have a version that is free for use. The website includes resources for beyond the Hour of Code as well. In addition, site has curriculum for teachers at all levels, offers free workshops and resources for educators to use, too!

Resources from

In addition to Hour of Code and, many other sites who support coding in the classroom have resources for teachers to use year round.

Additional Resources:

Apps and web resources for Early Primary

Apps and web resources for Upper Elementary

Apps and web resources for secondary students

This is just a few of the many, many resources and apps available!  I hope you find ways to continue the learning of computer science concepts, skills and dispositions beyond the Hour of Code.



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