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youtubeYouTube is more than just for entertainment. This powerful web tool can be utilized for research, presentation, and as an educational tool.  Because of its infinite amount of content, 1.5 billion videos and counting, YouTube appeals to a vast variety of subjects and learners.  



Let’s consider just a few ways to bring the power into your classroom:

  • Instantly trigger interest and spark lively classroom conversations.
  • Access and build a free digital library of high quality educational instruction videos.
  • Use as extension opportunities for homework or for flipped classes. Spend more time focusing on students and less time explaining complex topics
  • Differentiate learning by catching students who are struggling up to speed while pushing those who are strong ahead.
  • Take students on virtual field trips from the past, present, under the ocean, or out of this world.
  • Allow students to upload their own videos to demonstrate understanding and share with an authentic audience.


When using YouTube, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • In order to keep student attention, keep viewing times to 10 minutes or less.
  • Watch the video in its entirety before showing to students.  Don’t be a “Rick Rolled” victim!
  • Search channels of respectable sources.  Check out YouTube EDU, designed for educators and students with a broad range of academic videos.
  • Choose content to enhance your lessons, not as a babysitter or lesson replacement.


One common concern I hear a lot about is the questionable material that pops up on the sidebar and advertisements that play at the beginning of the videos.  Worry no more!  Copy the URL to the YouTube video and visit, where you will paste and generate a safe link. removes “distracting and offensive elements” and plays the video content in a clean and safe screen.  This web application also allows you to crop the video, focusing on the most important parts.  

edpuzzleTHERE’S MORE

Engage your students even more with video assignments using EdPuzzle. This web tool allows the teacher to crop videos, focusing on the most important parts.  It also allows the teacher to add commentary and embed quizzes to act as checkpoints, assessing student understanding.  EdPuzzle gives teachers control over what the students are viewing and tracking progress and comprehension.


Now that Fayette County is a Google Apps For Education (GAFE) district, visit YouTube, click on the sign in button, and login with your FCPS email and password for your own account. What other ideas do you have for using this resource in your classroom?




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