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I have happily accepted that I am an “educational technology junkie”.  I love it. I spend a vast majority of my leisure time reading about instructional technology in professional journals and scouring educational blogs. I enjoy visiting classrooms to engage in practical field studies of students and teachers using technologies and having rich discussions with educators about their practices.  I spend a lot of my summer and weekends scoping out a wide range of professional development sessions with technology embedded.  You can image that I’m full of giddiness and my head is exploding after returning from the 2016 Kentucky Society for Technology in Education Conference this past week.

Choosing from almost 300 sessions was tricky!  I wanted to attend them all and wished I could conjure up a magical “time turner” similar to the one Hermione Granger used in Harry Potter.  Fortunately, I found a bit of magic that didn’t require actual spells.  Twitter.






Using KySTE’s official conference hashtag, #KySTE16, I could be in so many different sessions at one time. While attending an awe-inspiring session on how a first grade teacher uses Minecraft to explore math, I virtually visited a session on “The Google Savvy School Leader”.   Even though I was learning about 3D printers, I saved a great video about Fort Thomas Independent’s digital conversion.   I know I can always visit Shawn Hinds at Bryan Station High School, but I was also excited to bookmark his presentation that he tweeted out too!  (See what I did here?  Click on the links to view the resources)









By going to Twitter and searching for #KySTE 16, I could also keep up with trending sessions and cool things to visit. For example, this tweet made me want to run to the vendor hall to try out Virtual Reality and see how it could be beneficial in the classroom. Hey! I know those guys!









Twitter is also a great way to keep the conversation going!  Many attendees are already sharing how they’ve used a new tool or skill from the conference.  My point from all of this is not to brag about an amazing experience.  It’s to share that you can attend, just like I will continue to attend for weeks to come.  Head on over to Twitter and search for the #KySTE16 hashtag.

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