Here to Serve!

Greetings from the Office of Instructional Technology!  I hope that everyone’s year has gotten off to a great start.  It’s hard to believe that school has only been in session for a few weeks.  The school year has certainly been Continue reading Here to Serve!

Real Support for Virtual Tools

Welcome to a new school year! My place in the world of Instructional Technology carries the multi-cyllabic title “Coordinator of Virtual Classrooms and Communications.” Besides all the big words, the problem is with that word “virtual.” lists its first Continue reading Real Support for Virtual Tools

Internet Safety, Video conferencing, iSchool and More …

Finally … Labor Day weekend … that point in the year where the “beginning of school” is over, and you’ve finally settled into a comfortable daily rhythm. Hopefully, that comfort means your thoughts are now turning towards technology integration, which Continue reading Internet Safety, Video conferencing, iSchool and More …

Project-Based Learning and STLP

The Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP™) encourages students and STLP coordinators to develop projects that serve their school and/or community. Allowing students to be empowered to create projects, products and services increases the student’s feeling of accomplishment and creates a sense Continue reading Project-Based Learning and STLP