It’s spring! Time to clean up the garage!


Those of you who’ve been following TIPS since its inception know that May is “clean out the garage!” time! (The librarians, when looking at their book offerings, call it “weeding.”) Things, of course, are a little different this year, since Continue reading It’s spring! Time to clean up the garage!

Who’s Behind the Curtain…. at IFL?


Just who is offering the technology sessions and running things at Fayette County’s Innovation for Learning Conference on June 11, 2015 at Bryan Station High School? Wizards:  The professionals who can let you know what’s available and how to make it work. Friends Continue reading Who’s Behind the Curtain…. at IFL?

Why Faculty Meetings Should Be Flipped


Texting on smartphones? Chattering at tables? Staring off into the distance? Head bobbing as someone dozes off? Faculty meeting? Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I bet all of these scenarios sound familiar when it comes to thinking about Continue reading Why Faculty Meetings Should Be Flipped

No Excuses. Just Play. #ScratchDay


When I stepped into MIT’s Media Lab in Cambridge this past weekend, I had no idea that I would step out with such passion and enthusiasm.  I couldn’t wait to get back to Kentucky to share every detail I soaked Continue reading No Excuses. Just Play. #ScratchDay

Meeting Up- Building Community!

Intro Activity

How do you sustain innovative ideas in a classroom?  As an educator, how can you find answers to questions about new technologies that you are interested in using?  How can you share instructional strategies that you are passionate about with Continue reading Meeting Up- Building Community!